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Filzinger M, Dörscher S, Lange R, Klose J, Steinel M, Benkler E et al. Improved limits on the coupling of ultralight bosonic dark matter to photons from optical atomic clock comparisons. 2023 Jan 9.

Manglano Clavero I, Margenfeld C, Hartmann J, Waag A. Facet Control and Material Redistribution in GaN Growth on Three-Dimensional Structures. Crystal Growth and Design. 2023 Jan 4;23(1):263-272.

Meyer-Hoppe B, Anders F, Feldmann P, Santos L, Klempt C. Excited-state phase diagram of a ferromagnetic quantum gas. 2023 Jan 25.

Pür C, Hetzel M, Quensen M, Hüper A, Geng J, Kruse J et al. Rapid generation and number-resolved detection of spinor Rubidium Bose-Einstein condensates. Physical Review A. 2023 Jan 20.

Albers H, Corgier R, Herbst A, Rajagopalan A, Schubert C, Vogt C et al. All-optical matter-wave lens using time-averaged potentials. Communications Physics. 2022 Mar 16;5(1). 60.


Armano M, Audley H, Baird J, Binetruy P, Born M, Bortoluzzi D et al. Sensor noise in LISA Pathfinder: An extensive in-flight review of the angular and longitudinal interferometric measurement system. Physical Review D. 2022 Oct 3;106(8).

Borchert MJ, Devlin JA, Erlewein SR, Fleck M, Harrington JA, Higuchi T et al. A 16-parts-per-trillion measurement of the antiproton-to-proton charge–mass ratio. NATURE. 2022 Jan 6;601(7891):53-57.

Dreissen LS, Yeh C-H, Fuerst HA, Grensemann KC, Mehlstäubler T. Improved bounds on Lorentz violation from composite pulse Ramsey spectroscopy in a trapped ion. Nature Communications. 2022 Nov 27;13(1). 7314.

Duwe M, Zarantonello G, Pulido-Mateo N, Mendpara H, Krinner L, Bautista-Salvador A et al. Numerical optimization of amplitude-modulated pulses in microwave-driven entanglement generation. Quantum Science and Technology. 2022 Oct;7(4). 045005.


Herbst A, Albers H, Stolzenberg K, Bode S, Schlippert D. Rapid generation of all-optical K39 Bose-Einstein condensates using a low-field Feshbach resonance. Physical Review A. 2022 Oct 21;106(4). 043320.

Jamadagni A, Weimer H. Error-correction properties of an interacting topological insulator. Physical Review B. 2022 Sep 19;106(11). 115133.

Lange R, Huntemann N, Peshkov AA, Surzhykov A, Peik E. Excitation of an Electric Octupole Transition by Twisted Light. Physical review letters. 2022 Dec 12;129(25). 253901.

Lezeik A, Tell D, Zipfel K, Gupta V, Wodey É, Rasel E et al. Understanding the gravitational and magnetic environment of a very long baseline atom interferometer. 2022 Sep 19.

Martinez-Lahuerta VJ, Eilers S, Mehlstaeubler TE, Schmidt PO, Hammerer K. Ab initio quantum theory of mass defect and time dilation in trapped-ion optical clocks. Physical Review A. 2022 Sep 7;106(3). 032803.

Niermann L, Osborne TJ. Holographic networks for ( 1+1 )-dimensional de Sitter space-time. Physical Review D. 2022 Jun 15;105(12). 125009.

Osborne TJ, Stottmeister A. Conformal Field Theory from Lattice Fermions. Communications in Mathematical Physics. 2022 Nov 21.


Schioppo M, Kronjäger J, Silva A, Ilieva R, Paterson JW, Baynham CFA et al. Comparing ultrastable lasers at 7 × 10−17 fractional frequency instability through a 2220 km optical fibre network. Nature Communications. 2022 Jan 11;13(1). 212.

Schweer J, Steinmeyer D, Hammerer K, Heurs M. All-optical coherent quantum-noise cancellation in cascaded optomechanical systems. Physical Review A. 2022 Sep 28;106(3). 033520.


Senkpiel J, Drost R, Klöckner JC, Etzkorn M, Ankerhold J, Cuevas JC et al. Extracting transport channel transmissions in scanning tunneling microscopy using superconducting excess current. Physical Review B. 2022 Apr 1;105(16). 165401.

Singh VP, Weimer H. Driven-Dissipative Criticality within the Discrete Truncated Wigner Approximation. Physical Review Letters. 2022 May 17;128(20). 200602.


Showing entries 1 - 20 out of 160
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