Outreach and Public Relations: foeXlab

An Extracurricular Place of Learning

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foeXlab as classical student lab

The classical student laboratory foeXlab offers an extracurricular learning location for whole classes or courses within school events. It is curriculum-oriented and has a clear curriculum reference. We offer 20 workplaces for classical interferometry and upper level optics. We are happy to support your physics lessons and offer a direct supplement, for example through experiments on the Mach-Zehnder interferometer. Translated with


The foeXlab+ is an offer for interested young people or for small groups of up to four people. Here we work project-oriented on our own small research projects, e.g. the project "Flaschentuten". It is possible to come to us in the context of internships, in the context of specialized work or on project days. You are welcome to bring your own project ideas with you.

foeXlab as a teaching and learning laboratory

The foeXlab as a teaching-learning laboratory is integrated into the university teacher training. Students prepare a small teaching and learning sequence in the field of geometric optics or radiation physics and test it with groups of students. Besides the obligatory internships, the students can gain additional practical experience and are closely accompanied by didactics.

foeXlab as a physics café

In the physics café we offer interested teachers the opportunity to inform themselves about various topics (e.g. specialist work), to experiment independently (e.g. at the Mach-Zehnder interferometer or quantum eraser), to get to know new methods and media (e.g. explanation videos and phyphox).