Promotion of Young Researchers

DQ-mat has set itself the goal of promoting young scientists from school to postdoctoral level

All pre-university activities are located in the Project Ö, in which we offer an extracurricular learning laboratory "foeXlab". There, school classes are introduced to quantum-optical questions and can experience them in experiments. In addition, the experimental groups offer several places for a voluntary scientific year (FWJ). This enables high school graduates to work side by side with researchers on smaller projects for one year, to learn important tools for their later studies and, last but not least, to develop their personality. For female students, DQ-mat offers a "StudentScience" program in which prospective female physicists can work on projects within the CRC as assistant scientists in the bachelor's program and thus be optimally prepared for a bachelor's or master's thesis in CRC projects.

DQ-mat offers doctoral and post-doctoral students a wide range of education and training opportunities. In regular block lectures, the basics and applications of CRC-relevant topics are taught by international experts in the respective field. Every PhD student and PostDoc is given the opportunity to attend winter and summer schools in order to be optimally prepared for the topic of their own work. We benefit from the integration of the Collaborative Research Centre into the excellence cluster "QuantumFrontiers" with its integrated school "QuantumFrontiers International Research School" (QFIRS). DQ-mat actively supports an exchange between the SFB projects through so-called laboratory rotations as well as stays abroad of several weeks. The training is completed by Softskill seminars offered by the Graduate Academy of Leibniz Universität Hannover and the advanced training program of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig. Translated with