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SFB 1227 DQ-mat

The vision of DQ-mat is the targeted design of quantum states of matter to explore and master the fundamental properties of quantum-correlated many-body systems and to exploit these states for enhanced metrology, enabling tests of our understanding of fundamental physics at unprecedented levels.

Well-isolated atoms and molecules have long served as one of the best-controlled systems for studying and answering fundamental questions in physics. The latest developments in metrology, including optical clocks accurate to 18 digits and matter-wave interferometers that split atomic wave packets by several decimetres, are striking demonstrations of the mastery we have achieved over single-particle quantum dynamics. Many-body systems, in which interactions and quantum correlations between particles play an essential role, exhibit even richer quantum features.

Extending the control we already exert over single-particle physics to large interacting and entangled quantum systems will allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the quantum properties of many-body systems, one of the great challenges in modern physics. At the same time, mastery of many-body effects will enable the engineering of quantum-correlated many-body states for next-generation metrology instruments. Combined with novel state preparation, interrogation, and interferometry protocols, this approach promises significantly enhanced performance for quantum sensors, which will open up new regimes for tests of fundamental physics.

It is a hallmark of DQ-mat that these techniques and concepts will be investigated by experts from many-body physics, quantum information, quantum gases, and metrology working closely together. To achieve this vision, we will jointly address relevant challenges in the design and control of such quantum states of matter.